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How to find us

You will find the HQ in the grounds of William Parker site, next door to the Hastings and Bexhill Rugby Club. Approach via Park Avenue, go past to the right of the School buildings and up to the top playground. You can park here in the evening and at weekends.

Use your satnav to find us by entering the code TN34 2PG.

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The Group's affairs are run by an executive committee, our Charity Trustees. Every year, usually in May, we hold an AGM, which all parents and other members of the Group Council are invited to.

The Group Council consists mainly of the parents of all the youth members, the Leaders in the Group, and various other supporters.

The purpose of the AGM is to approve the Group Scout Leader's nomination of the Chairman and some of the executive committee members, and to elect the Secretary and Treasurer and other committee members for the coming year.

The Section Leaders are also members of the executive committee, if they so wish. The Group Scout Leader appoints the Chairman, and the Treasurer and Secretary are elected at the AGM.

Group Directory

Group Scout Leader: Roger Plumb

Section Leaders:
Scout Leader (acting): Roger Plumb
Cub Scout Leader:Paul Rye
Beaver Scout Leader:Acorn Clayton
Group Officers:
Group Chairman:Brian Pope
Group Treasurer:Roger Dennard
Group Secretary:Suzanne Gooch
Other Group Trustees:
David Thompson
Neal Drinkwater
Kellee Pepper
Graeme Stoodley
Jade Feltham
Dione Powell
Liz Cockerton
Academy's Representative:

Next committee meeting:
29th January